Begin with a line


Tyra Olstad shows us how to look at the prairie @ Precipitate Journal.
Face the page.Space. Nothing but space. Blank white space. That is all you have.Begin with a line.It’s definitely horizontal but not necessarily straight. Give it a bit of flow, sweep, lilt; let it unfurl across the page with a slight scratch of the pencil or pen or paintbrush.

That done, add another. There’s dimension here.If you typically travel by road, go ahead and add a road. If you hike trails, add a trail. If you prefer to wander freely, dancing alongside coyote or rabbit or raven, orienting your journey according to whatever catches your interest and beckons here! Come here! You can’t imagine what you’ll find here!, well, then, either add a thousand dashes depicting possible paths—label them “PREDATOR,” “PREY,” “UNIDENTIFIED BUT INTRIGUING BLOTCH ON THE HORIZON”—or:Let them remain undrawn, blank, as yet unknown. Nothing but lines, more