Beyond the individual

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Alison Powell on alternative paradigms of thinking @ New Public Thinking
I composed many of these thoughts while I was taking a very long walk through the forest last week, and I’ve left this post mostly as it was when I jotted it down on my return. I hope you think of it as a kind of walking lecture, that meanders through some things I thought were important. I was inspired by Andrew’s insistence that we should ‘re-narrate’ our experience, and this is one of the things that I hope public thinking can do.I was really struck on my walk by the changes in the forest since the last time I’d been there – changes that were all the result of climate change – which is of course, only one of the complex problems that w are faced with at the moment. Climate change is hard because it requires us to consider the interests of people very unlike us, in a historical or geographical moment we can’t understand. So I started to think about the importance of public thinking as being linked to two things:First: Thinking Beyond the IndividualSecond: Thinking Beyond the Presentread more