I could carry my love for him like terror

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Kristen Sundberg Lunstrum on drowning and fear @ Brevity.
In July a boy drowns in the lake.*There is a picture window above our kitchen table and through it a view of the lake. At noon, when we sit to eat sandwiches, the water is glassy and green, fracturing only when unseen fish rise and retreat. The sand on the shore is pale. By dinner a storm rolls in and the sky gathers and grays. The lake stiffens, starched by wind, the surface armoring in slate-gray pleats. After dark the window becomes a mirror, and in it I see only my blue nightgown, my kitchen, my son’s bedroom door.Behind his door, my boy sleeps. I know without seeing it that his face is calm, drained of color by the nightlight’s moony glow. His mouth, a baby’s still, puckers then slacks as he goes down and down, into his dreams.*

Swimming with Strangers
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The reports of the drowning are vague:The boy was fourteen. He was a visitor to the neighborhood—someone’s guest.He may not have been a strong swimmer.The Lake Association will accept donations in the name of the boy.Perhaps he strayed beyond the buoyed shallows.The weeds, regrettably, have grown to ropey lengths and are strangling even the fish.How awful for his parents.read more