I have a story I don’t know what to do with


Teresa Williams on creativity and how good writing happens @ Talking Writing.
I wandered my rooms, read, took a walk, mailed some things. Came back, couldn’t sleep. Got up at six a.m., dressed, and walked back into town. Sat down to my first breakfast in a long time. The Portuguese Bakery: two eggs, sunny-side-up, sausage, and bread. Walked back, tried to sleep. Couldn’t. Read. Tried again, and then, finally, a wonderful, long, dream-filled sleep.~I dreamed I was a student and I was unprepared. The teacher was a thin, enigmatic, intense man with curly hair. It was night, and everyone sat around a wooden table in the woods. The trees were black-barked and bare. A full moon shone though lacy branches.~The Secret of HurricanesI love Aiken’s phrase in “Tetelestai”: “ache with tremendous decisions.”~Reading great stories, realizing how far my stories are from greatness.  read more