Sexuality is a funny thing

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Ally Mookerjee on the complex identities of South-Asian lesbians @ Zooch.
Sometime in the summer of 2009, I learned of a shadowy online entity named “Pink Aag.” Its purported mission, the Web site claimed, was to be a matchmaker for South Asian lesbians.It said, “Whatever type of woman you are looking for—high femme, femme, dyke-y, sassy, androgynous, soft butch, stone butch, openly out, out-to-degrees, privately gay, artsy, scientific, literary, career-minded, family-orientated, a mixture of any of the above,” [visit us]. Its slogan, “If she’s queer, you can find her here!” sounded like the uninspiring punch line for a downscale pet shop.Unsurprisingly, it’s ceased to exist. I found it remarkable though, for nothing else other than its diverse, if somewhat tacky, taxonomy of lesbians. Reality, as it turns out, is far less colorful and heterogeneous. The South Asian lesbian scene, in New York City, for instance, is anything but motley, inclusive, and diverse.
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