Take to the streets

GRGphoto Portrait Photography London1.jpg
Greg Salvatori @ GRGPhoto

Fernando Sdrigotti goes roaming the streets of London, wishing to reinvent walking @ 3: AM Magazine.Establishing shot: a cloudy city; man walking.City scrolling to the sides, fast. Shops. Houses that all look the same. Victorian house after Victorian house after Victorian house - warehouse - after Victorian house. Kebab place. Off licence. A face staring from a window, toy in mouth, dog or child. And then a high street, epicentres of commerce, exchange, shopping, loitering, drinking, gambling. And Victorian houses once more.

Just to give an example. One possible establishing shot.Establishing the real city demands thinking about walking. For walking is the only way to really know a place.Not more than five minutes, five blocks, five hundred yards. Stories on display, the city taking its clothes off, for whoever wants to see whatever is there to be seen. Five minutes, five blocks, are enough to gather the soul of a city by peripatetic means, take it to bed, love it or hate it. The rest is redundancy, reaffirmation, slight negations of the affirmed, freak accidents. We keep returning to a lover. We keep returning to a city. Mostly out of custom. Sometimes out of [in]satiety.London, Londinium, two thousand or so years of bad weather. And the rest of the clichés.And me, moving fast, walking fast at different times, walking fast for different reasons and towards different destinations at different moments, different distances, ridiculous lengths, leisurely lengths, therapeutic lengths, professional lengths, immigrant lengths, settled lengths, drunken lengths, lustful lengths, lonely lengths, alive and decaying lengths.But always walking. read more