When I open my eyes I pretend I am someone else

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Leasha Overturf @ F-Stop Magazine

Richard Froude on the frailty of authentic experiences @ Witness.
In the movie that is my life, Buratino is played by Haley Joel Osment in a plaid shirt and prosthetic nose. I am Kevin Costner as he exists in Danceswith Wolves. Just as I am teaching my new lovers to make the white mantalk, Haley Joel rides into camp on a World War II motorcycle. Everyone re-acts badly and for a while it looks like Haley’s going to do something stupid until I manage to buy him off with a set of Richard Nixon’s golf clubs. I’m not< used to such forced diplomacy, but I promise Stands With A Fist that I willreturn before the harvest.We ride for three or four hours, following the river until the land flattens out and the air is colder. When Haley stops the bike the earth is hard underfoot.The river has become a lake and the lake is frozen. There is a layer of snow on the ice. We walk to the edge. Ignoring the crude warning signs, Haley stretch-es one foot onto the thin surface. He anchors himself by grabbing my forearm.“Haven’t you ever wondered?” he says as I try to pull him back. “Haven’t youever wondered what it would be like?”read more