Where does the trouble begin?

Devon Pilney @ F-Stop Magazine/

Kyle Minor ponders the origins of his uncle's ending @ Gulf Coast Journal.
We begin with the trouble, but where does the trouble begin? My uncle takes a pistol and blows his brains out.Now we may proceed to the aftermath. The removal of the body. The cleanup. The reading of the will. The funeral in West Palm Beach, Florida. The woman he wanted to marry, taking the ring he gave her and putting it on her finger after the death.But this beginning is not satisfactory. The mourners are now parsing their theories of why. Did you know that he was brain damaged when that city dump truck hit him twenty years ago? Look at his children grieving on the front pew of the funeral room. Why wouldn’t they visit him except when they wanted his settlement money? Had his settlement money run out? And where is his ex-wife? Why couldn’t she love him enough to stay with him (for better or for worse, right?)? Do you think it’s true he was physically violent with her like she told the judge?Now we’re thinking the trouble doesn’t begin with the big event. It’s the grievance that led to the big event. Perhaps he wouldn’t have killed himself if his children had more demonstrably loved him. Perhaps he wouldn’t have killed himself if his wife hadn’t left him.Perhaps his wife wouldn’t have left him if he had never been physically violent with her.read more