On Not Looking Cover.jpg

On Not Looking: The Paradox of Contemporary Visual Culture

Essay: "Reflections on William E. Jones' Tearoom"

The collection demonstrates that even though we live in an image-saturated culture, many images do not look at what they claim, viewers often do not look at the images, and in other cases, we are encouraged by the context of exhibition not to look at images. 

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The Image and the Witness: Trauma, Memory, and Visual Culture

Essay: "Not Looking at Lynching Photographs."

This is a timely interdisciplinary collection of original essays concerning the ethical stakes of the image in our visually-saturated age. It explores the role of the material image in bearing witness to historical events and the visual representation of witnesses to collective trauma. 

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Queers in Space: Communities, Public Spaces, and Sites of Resistance

Essay: "Having Something to Wear: The Landscape of Identity on Christopher Street"

From gay space in Mexico City to the now legendary baths of New York and San Francisco, the writers in this collection travel to bars, parks, beaches, neighborhoods, and cities to follow the expansion and transformation of queer communities.

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